The website will be online soon.

So far, this page has not been used to represent the mission and aims of the Belonging organisation as well as the foundational campaign situated within the geographical context of Jerusalem. Over the past years, Belonging Non Governmental Organisation (UK - Company Registration No.:10163311) has been developing interventions and projects under private discretion so to protect the development of ensuing strategies with the intention to safeguard them. This has been a vital concern for the Belonging organisation as the campaign is highly sensitive and requires the utmost need and attention to nurture it's influence and development. Also, since 2006, it has also been important to recognise from the development and experience of the the director of the Belonging organisation, Anil Korotane, what exactly is the exact nature, purpose and role of the NGO. It has been important for the director to embark upon this journey. The organisation shall now begin to start posting content that will reveal the relative landscape represented by the Belonging organisation. Belonging NGO looks forward to sharing our work with the general public. Thank you for your patience.

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